2020 Annual Appeal

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As we get ready for school to start and as a parent myself, I am anxious, concerned, inspired and hopeful. It is a big year for my daughter; she is starting high school. As I think about her new journey, I realize her experience would look different if we did not get the eyeglasses she needed to see more clearly after failing her vision screening in the first grade. Having access to the eye care she needs continues to help her learn and engage in the things that matter to her. In an ever-changing world, I am confident that my daughter can see better to learn and perform better in school. One in four children has an undetected vision problem, and ten million American students have vision conditions that can impact learning.  In Texas, we have the highest rate of uninsured children in the United States. There are still too many children not getting the eye care they need in our state.

Our goal is to screen and support as many children and families as we can this year. We know this year even more families will need our help. Our hope is that all children in Texas will eventually start high school with clear vision, like my daughter will, and it is our mission to provide children with the access to essential eye care that he or she needs.

Your donation of $35 can provide a screening or a pair of glasses for a child. You can transform how a child sees the world and how they experience it. Join us in changing the lives of children across Texas.