Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - Round Rock, TX

9:30–10:00am             Registration

10:00–10:15am           Introduction of Prevent Blindness Texas and Seminar                             

10:15am–12:15pm     Session I: Healthy Eyes Educational Series

The “Healthy Eyes Educational Series” is a series developed by Prevent Blindness to build public awareness of eye and vision basics; to share information on age-related eye diseases; and to encourage proactive behaviors that give the best chance for a lifetime of healthy vision. The presentations are divided into modules to be customized for the audience. The modular program includes a Presenter Guide and Power Point on various eye health and safety topics. The modules may include eye anatomy, refractive errors, contact lens safety, adult eye disorders, and many others.

You are encouraged to present this program in a variety of venues. One-on-one to your patients and clients, and group presentations in community centers, health centers and senior centers are just a few possibilities.                     

12:15–12:30pm           Break (Free Lunch Included)

12:30–1:45pm             Session II: Adult Vision Screening Training

Prevent Blindness America has the only national program that trains and certifies people around the country to conduct screenings that find vision problems in adults. Our screening procedures are recommended by many of the nation's leading eye care professionals and researchers. Only an eye doctor can diagnose and treat a vision problem, but vision screenings help find children and adults who need a full eye exam. Prevent Blindness’ vision screenings are an accurate, cost-effective way to find vision problems and refer people with signs of problems to eye doctors for professional care.

Prevent Blindness' training course utilizes the latest adult vision screening tools. The comprehensive manual provides participant information including reasons for screening, equipment and set-up lists, detailed instructions for conducting tests, activities, reference material and a glossary. Participants will learn about risks for certain eye diseases; distance acuity tests; near acuity tests; visual field tests; exit interviews to interpret results for the screened individual, make recommendations to see an eye doctor, provide information, answer questions and initiate follow-up; and appropriate screening reports. The course emphasizes the importance of regular eye examinations, subject evaluation and effective follow-up. Upon completion of the Screener Basics Course, participants are candidates for certification. Certification is available to course participants who successfully demonstrate their knowledge of skills at an observed screening.

1:45-2:00pm                Evaluations, Wrap-up, and Q&A

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